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  • Create your Own Digital Picture Frame
    I wanted an art piece that showed both videos and digital art, so I created my own digital picture frame with Home Assistant.
  • Using Python and AI to Journal in 2022
    As the new year starts, I want to improve all facets of my daily life, and for that, I need data and results. That’s why I’m turning to AI to help me with my journaling so that I can find patterns in my personal life. I’ve written a lot about Personal Knowledge Management before, and my usage of Roam Research has generated a lot of raw data. However, I need a more systematic approach to finding patterns in the data. Here are four tools I’m using in 2022 to help with my journaling.  
  • Create a Data Tracker with Home Assistant and Zapier
    Use Home Assistant and Zapier to create your very own tactile data tracker! Learn how to connect a Hue physical button with Google Sheets!

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Commercial solutions like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home are great for run of the mill Digital Assistants. But what happens when you want to make your Digital Assistant work for you?

This is what the Recursive Automation Blog is about: how to personalize your home automations so that you can make the most of technology in your day to day life.

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